Dude... Welcome


Pom They/them 1998

Greetings, I am Pom. I like to draw funny cartoon animals. I also like to draw funny cartoon animals FOR you.
(Or other things, if that's not your scene)

🐁Thank you for stopping by! =)🐁

My main interests include:

❤Mother Series❤❤Pokemon❤
❤Animal Crossing❤❤Yume Nikki❤
❤Touhou❤ ❤Osamu Sato's Works❤

And a lot more! If you like any of these, I'd love to hear about it! If not, I love hearing about what other people like too!

I also play Toontown (multiple servers) and FFXIV fairly regularly, so if you'd like to meet up and do stuff together feel free to ask!

You can mostly find me around on discord, tumblr, and twitter!

🐁I am bi and nonbinary, "they" pronouns only, please!🐁

[skittering mouse noises]



Flat - $15

Shaded - $20
Lineless - $20


Pride Themed Icons - $10


Half Body

Flat - $30
Lineless - $35
Shaded - $45


Full Body

Flat - $45
Lineless - $45
Shaded - $60


Misc + Special Offers

Simple / Chibi (Flat) - $25

2 Character Fusion (Flat) - $30

Character Sidebar (Flat) - $25
Character Sidebar (Shaded) - $35

☆More coming soon!☆

Adding Extras

Add (Simple) Background - $10-20
Add (Complex) Background -$20+
(Added onto base price)

Multiple Characters (Icon) - $10
Multiple Characters (Halfbody) - $15
Multiple Characters (Fullbody) - $20

(Per character, Added onto base price)

☆Terms of service☆

Will do:

NSFW (Must be 18+)Some Fetishes (Must be 18+)
Gore / Body Horror (Must be 18+)Suggestive Art (Must be 18+)
HumansHumanoid Characters
Robots Fandom Characters

Won't do:

NSFW / Suggestive Content of Minors (includes "Aged up" characters)Non-consensual NSFW art
Imagery of hate groupsArt of real people (excludes yourself or friends you have permission to get art of)
Most style imitationsAny art that sexualizes objects meant for children (Diaper kink art, etc)
Politically charged artArt of minors getting hurt/injured

If you are not sure if I will draw something, please feel free to ask =) I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason.

If you buy a NSFW commission from me, please do not post it anywhere minors have access to. Thank you!


I take payment up front, and I will use paypal invoices to do so. If you are asking for a large commission, I am okay with working out payment plans.

I will send progress pics periodically for your approval before moving on! =)